19 Apr 2018




Agriculture laboratories

Faculty of Agriculture laboratories include: Cartography lab to the field of natural resources. Botanical botany lab to the field of agricultural engineering and water orientation. Soil laboratory to the field of botanical and agricultural engineering, water orientation. Cartography Lab History : Cartography Lab has started its activities from September 90 . Equipments : Digital Planimeter 1 4 mirror stereoscope 4 pocket stereoscope Krvymtr 1 GPS Topographic maps of Fasa city 7 sheets Duties :  Determination of Boundary areas, preparation of topographic profile, calculated using area, hypsometric map, ways of measuring length, mapping slope, hydrographic network mapping, mapping of aspects Botanical Laboratories History : Botanical Laboratories has begun its activities since October 89 Equipments : 3 compound microscope + Monitor 1 x ...

Laboratory of electrical engineering, computer engineering and IT

Laboratory of electrical engineering, computer engineering and IT Logic circuit Laboratory "see below" Electronics laboratory "see below" Architecture Lab "see below" Lab Management: Name: Parzhang Surname: Monajemi Group: civil engineering Rank: Assistant Professor Phone: 071-5334337 E-mail: manajemi.parjang[at]fasau.ac.ir Download Resume Labs Expert: Name: Last name: Degree of education: Phone: 071-53343337 E-mail: labratory [at] fasau.ac.ir Logic circuit Laboratory Center type: Educational Research Categories of logic circuit Laboratory 1. Introduction to TTL ICs including (AND, NAND, NOT, OR, NOR, XNOR) 2. Introduction to circuit design and chip manufacturer parity bit comparator 3. Understanding design for mono-bit and multi-bit adder and subtraction 4. Understanding and working with Seven Segment chip 5. BCD to Seven Segment decoder chip and circuit design it 6. Meet multiplexer circuits and learn how to ...