21 Jan 2019

Laboratory of electrical engineering, computer engineering and IT

Logic circuit Laboratory "see below"

Electronics laboratory "see below"

Architecture Lab "see below"

Lab Management:

Name: Parzhang

Surname: Monajemi

Group: civil engineering

Rank: Assistant Professor


E-mail: manajemi.parjang[at]fasau.ac.ir

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Labs Expert:


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E-mail: labratory [at] fasau.ac.ir

Logic circuit Laboratory

Center type: Educational Research

Categories of logic circuit Laboratory

1. Introduction to TTL ICs including (AND, NAND, NOT, OR, NOR, XNOR)

2. Introduction to circuit design and chip manufacturer parity bit comparator

3. Understanding design for mono-bit and multi-bit adder and subtraction

4. Understanding and working with Seven Segment chip

5. BCD to Seven Segment decoder chip and circuit design it

6. Meet multiplexer circuits and learn how to do it

7. Meet Flip-Flops

8. Design counters

Some devices available:

Power Supply, Function Generator, IC and electronic components required.

Electronic circuit Laboratory

Center type: Educational Research

Titles of experiments in relation to electronic circuit lab

 Clipper diode circuits review

2. The half-wave and full-wave rectifier circuit characteristics and their applications

3. Characterization of double and triple voltage circuits

4. Introduction to BJT and FET transistors

5. Obtain the output characteristic curve ... import and transitional transistor

6. Determination of the output characteristic curve ... FET import and transistor

7. Determination of the voltage gain and power transistors in different arrangements

 Some devices available:

Power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, multi meters. Laboratory Parts required

Architecture Lab

Center type: Educational Research

Some of the categories Architecture Lab experiments

  Check ICs, analog to digital converter (A / D convertor)

2. Examine IC digital to analog converter (D / A convertor)

3. Check circuit bounce a key (Debouncing)

Some devices available:

Power Supply, Function Generator, programmer. required Laboratory parts