Agriculture laboratories


Faculty of Agriculture laboratories include:

Cartography lab to the field of natural resources.

Botanical botany lab to the field of agricultural engineering and water orientation.

Soil laboratory to the field of botanical and agricultural engineering, water orientation.

Cartography Lab

History :

Cartography Lab has started its activities from September 90 .

Equipments :

Digital Planimeter 1

4 mirror stereoscope

4 pocket stereoscope

Krvymtr 1


Topographic maps of Fasa city 7 sheets

Duties :

 Determination of Boundary areas, preparation of topographic profile, calculated using area, hypsometric map, ways of measuring length, mapping slope, hydrographic network mapping, mapping of aspects

Botanical Laboratories

History :

Botanical Laboratories has begun its activities since October 89

Equipments :

3 compound microscope

+ Monitor 1 x compound microscope

4 dissecting microscope

Iran Flora compiled 29 volumes doctor Ahmed hero

Collection of plant specimens


Preparation of plant cross sections and their observance via microscope along with naming different parts of the plant samples and identifying and naming herbarium specimens.

Soil Laboratory

History :

Soil Laboratory has started its activities since October 89.

Equipments :

Hot Plate 1 x

PH meter 1 x

EC m 1 x

Vacuum pump 1 x

Digital Scale 1 x

Duties :

Determination of soil texture, weight determination, determination of bulk density, true specific gravity, porosity and surface area, determination of the amount of soil organic matter, soil, measuring PH and EC

Last Update At : 27 November 2021