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About Fasa University

Relying on God and with the support of the honorable city authorities and charitable people, Fasa University was founded in 2006 and due to the proper geographical location of the city, enjoying educational and cultural amenities, and its proper distance from the provincial capital (located 150 km from Shiraz) compared to other cities in the province, it is the first university of choice for higher education applicants after Shiraz University and Shiraz Industrial Universities in the province. These have made Fasa University a special case among the emerging universities of the province and the country, which is hoped to help with knowledge-based employment and occupation and training specialist forces.

Fasa University admits students in 11 undergraduate and 3 postgraduate programs in three faculties of Engineering, Basic Sciences and Agriculture, currently having more than 1,200 students. Using educational and welfare facilities as well as having a library with more than 20,000 volumes of books, it is serving our homeland.

The definitive percentage of Fasa University students’ acceptance at the postgraduate programs at prestigious universities in the country according to statistics available in some disciplines is more than 50% of incoming students each year. Rankings achieved by students of Fasa University in Masters’ Entrance Exam (e.g. Water Engineering students ranking 2nd in 2014 and 9th in 2016; Rangeland and Watershed Engineering students ranking 3rd in 2014, 2015 and 2016, etc.) and students’ success in prestigious national and international Olympiads (1st rank in Sharif University of Technology International Olympiad, 1st rank in RoboCup Sharif 2014, etc.), all prove the appropriate scientific quality of Fasa University students.



Fasa university currently has 55 full-time faculty members recruited from among the best graduates of the country’s most prestigious universities. High number of ISI and Scientific-Research articles published each year at Fasa University (8.1 in 2016), registering several patents by university faculty members, and winning national and international awards such as Kharazmi Festival and International Patent Festival awards indicate good quality of faculty members’ activities at the university.

Having more than 11,000 square meters of educational area, 2,000 square meters of educational aid space, 13,000 square meters of dormitory space, 1,000 square meters of office and self-service space, gyms and sports fields, and other welfare sites, Fasa University has provided students and faculty members with a standard environment for research and education.

Last Update At : 20 July 2022